Snap The Moment Before The Moment Is Gone In A Snap

Through an experienced lens, we freeze life's highlights so you can share and treasure them for generations.


Whether you want to frame the minutes of an afternoon in the park, are celebrating a special day, need a holiday greeting photo, or simply want an updated family portrait, O Tree Photography is here to help!

Let us collect your family moments through an experienced lens, while you reminisce the yesterdays and plan your tomorrows.

Starting at $150

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Team Sports

In addition to action sports, the services at O Tree Photography include team photo shoots.

These are posed team and individual shots that make the perfect keepsake for everyone.  A variety of packages are available.

Packages from $10-$34

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Action Sports

Truly my passion!  It’s the approach, the catch, the rebound, the tackle, the dismount, and the motion of active play.  Let O Tree Photography capture it all so you can experience the exhilaration again and again.

The emotions caught on your player’s face during spirited play, a much different story than a traditional pose.  Catch the thrill of victory as it happens!

Starting at $25

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From graduation ceremonies to 60th birthday parties, corporate events to concerts…whatever your event, O Tree Photography is ready to freeze time so you can revisit and share your experiences through photographic expression for years to come.

Prices will vary

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Highlighting O Tree Photography’s corporate exposure, product shots (E- Commerce) and just about any “thing” under the sun.  We can bring it to life with angles, lighting, emphasis and effect!  You provide the object and we’ll provide the talent.

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About OTree

My desire to become a photographer began when I was 19 years old. I worked for Polaroid Corporation and one of the job perks was free film.

Needless to say, I took advantage of this benefit, acquiring as much free film as was permitted by the company. Picture after picture, snap after snap, lead to my keen eye for a “perfect” shot.

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From Our Clients

We have had the pleasure to experience Robert's work from sports action shots to family portraits.

His uncanny ability to take the ordinary and deliver the extraordinary is what sets him apart. The creative family mementos that he has created will be cherished for years to come.

Dennis Huffmon,

Robert's fun loving personality and creativity are a great combination when working with children.

Robert has the ability to capture a child's true personality in his photographs leaving you with lasting memories of those special stages in your child's life.

Pia Klebosits

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